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Join us at our upcoming events!

Death by Man Exhibition
(October 2023 - April 2024)

Death by Man Exhibition
(October 2023 - April 2024)

Conservatory Drive, Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, Singapore

Wild Conversations: When Snakes Fly

Wild Conversations: When Snakes Fly

25 April 2024 at 11:00:00 am

787 Geylang Road, Singapore

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Contribute your wildlife photos for education!

We are seeking captivating visuals for our campaign’s materials.

Have you ever captured a tender moment shared between two macaques, a monitor lizard basking in the sun or perhaps a colony of bats cuddling under a fruit tree?

Such pictures can help us inspire and educate others!


HSS Corporate Walks
(Contact to register)

Have you missed out on Herpetological Society of Singapore (HSS) monthly walks? Now you can enjoy them with your friends and colleagues.

You can explore Singapore's natural scenes & biodiversity as a team-building activity for the office. Or, perhaps, you can unwind with a walk in nature after a long week in the office. Get in touch with HSS to find out more, and to plan a walk!

HSS email:


Volunteer with OWN

Be an OWN volunteer and help us spread the message of coexistence!


1. This role is suitable for 18 years old and above.

2. All volunteers are required to be proficient in English (spoken).

3. Training will be provided on your first engagement session with us.

4. Following the training and your first engagement session, OWN will assess and determine in its sole discretion your suitability to become a fully-fledged outreach volunteer.

5. OWN is looking for volunteers who are committed, responsible and passionate about raising awareness. Please avoid last-minute cancellations to the roster.

6. If you require any clarifications, please email

Podcasts & Talks


That's Wild - No Butterflies w/o Caterpillars | Human-wildlife Encounters in SG

What's the scariest animal that Choon Beng has ever seen? The answer isn't what you think it is.

Join reptile and amphibian enthusiasts Law Ing Sind and Law Ing Tong (aka the Law Brothers) and NParks' Group Director of Wildlife Management How Choon Beng, as they share about how human-wildlife encounters are managed in Singapore, and what it means to co-exist with our wild companions in our City in Nature.


Reptiles of Singapore

Join Beng, ACRES education executive, to learn about Singapore’s rich biodiversity in reptiles: snakes, lizards, turtles, and crocodiles. Learn about how to identify dangerous snakes, how not get bitten by reptiles, first aid for venomous snakebite, the degree of danger to human health posed by reptiles, threats faced by reptiles in Singapore, and hear some interesting stories of reptile rescues by ACRES.


Wildlife Etiquette and Human-wildlife Co-existence

As Singapore develops and more housing is built in or near nature areas, people encounter wild animals more frequently. Join Beng, ACRES education executive, to learn what to do when meeting our local animals such as monkeys, wild boars, snakes, monitor lizards, bats, otters, birds and bees. Find out how we as a society can co-exist with our wild neighbours living alongside us in our city in nature! 


Monkey Business: Do you know how to read the expressions of your wilder relatives?

You might have heard about recent incidents involving long-tailed macaques scaling residential flats in some neighbourhoods.

In this episode of Morning Shot, we explore how wildlife experts are solving the issue of human-wildlife conflicts with Anbarasi Boopal, Co-CEO for Advocacy at the Animal Concerns Research & Education Society, who also shares tips in case you encounter one of your wilder relatives.


Can We Coexist With Wildlife in Singapore?

From mynas and otters to hornbills and reticulated pythons, it may come as a surprise to some that there is a rich biodiversity to be found in Singapore. But what are the challenges of coexisting with our urban wildlife?

Join Anbarasi Boopal, Co-CEO (Advocacy) at ACRES, Dr Philip Johns, Associate Professor specialising in urban wildlife, and Preetashini, a Librarian, as they discuss what makes the wildlife in Singapore interesting and what could be done to coexist with them.  Learn more about sustainability and wildlife in Singapore by visiting


Getting to Know Our Wild Neighbours

Have you ever chanced upon a troop of macaques in your estate or heard the iconic "uwu!" calls of the koel? Get yourself acquainted with Our Wild Neighbours and learn the dos and don'ts during an encounter. Get practical tips on how you can coexist with the animals that share our island home and what role each animal plays in keeping our city in nature green and healthy.

(Skip to 33.25 of the live recording to watch the talk)


How We Should Live Alongside Our Wild Neighbours

Catch Ep 7 of the UNPHILTERED Podcast – How We Should Live Alongside Our Wild Neighbours, by NVPC - Towards a City of Good, featuring Anbarasi Boopal, Co-CEO of ACRES and Biogirl MJ, co-founder and host of Just Keep Thinking. From lonely otters looking for love to breaking up civet parties, learn how we can respectfully share our urban landscape with our wild neighbours.

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